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Pediatric Chiropractic Care in Matthews

At Matthews Family Chiropractic, our two chiropractors offer family care including pediatric care. Many common childhood health complaints respond well to pediatric. If you want your child to enjoy the same natural approach to drug-free wellness care that you enjoy, learn how our pediatric chiropractic services work.

Below is a happy Mom in our Matthews office after her child received a pediatric adjustment. 

When to Try Pediatric Chiropractic Care in Matthews

Many parents worry about exposing their children to medication. If you want to protect your child’s health, yet do not want to turn to drugs to solve every problem, let our Matthews chiropractor keep your child well using the same proven strategies we use to promote your wellness. We can solve childhood ailments including:

  • Birth trauma – This is key! All children are born with trauma inherited during the birthing process, which they experience as painful. if birth trauma is not fixed it can lead to lifelong musculoskeletal problems.
  • Sleeping problems – Children often sleep poorly due to neck and back pain. Yet they don’t have the vocabulary to tell us what’s wrong. Our chiropractor makes gentle adjustments to restore the spinal integrity and help your child sleep.
  • Asthma – Along with lifestyle changes, chiropractic adjustments can reduce asthma symptoms in children.
  • Allergies – By decreasing interference along the spinal column, pediatric adjustments strengthen the nervous system, so your child’s body can fight off the allergic response.
  • Ear infections and ear tube surgeries – By realigning the neck and removing subluxations in the spine, we help the ear drain fluids. We can heal ear infections and prevent the chronic, recurring ear infections that lead conventional doctors to recommend ear tubes.
  • Colic – By soothing the nervous system and boosting immune health, we reduce the frequency of childhood illnesses, like colic.
  • Growing pains – As your child grows, he or she will experience growing pain in the bones, ligaments, and joints. Chiropractic gently stretches the growing area, relieving pressure and inflammation so your child feels better.

Pediatric Care With Our Matthews Chiropractor

Dr. John Hanna, our Matthews chiropractor, served as the president of the North Carolina Pediatric Association, which speaks to his experience treating little ones. His wife Dr. Mechelle Hanna is another pediatric chiropractic care provider.

When your child comes in for a consult, we will screen them quickly, find what’s wrong, and develop a plan to fix it. We always tailor our pediatric chiropractic adjustment to your child’s age and unique needs.

Both Dr. John and Mechelle Hanna understand how to work gently with small bodies to correct all manner of injuries and ailments without overdoing the pressure. This is key to promoting positive health and correcting childhood traumas.

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Bring your child in for a consultation and learn how we can positively affect your child’s wellbeing without exposing him or her to medication, which comes with negative side effects. Reserve your pediatric care consultation with our chiropractor in Matthews on our website or by contacting us today at (704) 845-0699.

We love serving entire families with chiropractic care, and this includes the children!

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