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Back Pain Chiropractor in Matthews NC

Back pain can be debilitating for working adults in Matthews. By making it difficult to perform everyday tasks and household chores, back pain can reduce a patient’s quality of life and slow productivity both at home and in the workplace. If you suffer from back pain in Matthews, NC, chiropractic care can help. By providing all natural treatment to patients, Matthews Family Chiropractic can help alleviate your back pain and improve your quality of life. Would you like an expert opinion on what might be causing your back pain? This is how Dr. John Hanna evaluates your situation on the first visit.

If you have suffered from a recent injury, or endured long-suffering, please don’t give up hope. Dr. John Hanna has helped hundreds of patients just like you, and is an esteemed back pain chiropractor in Matthews, NC. Give us a call to learn more about our unique treatment approach. It’s “low commitment”, and cost-effective whether you plan to utilize medical insurance or are cash pay. Our goal is to help you live your life to the fullest, and this purpose drives our Matthews back pain staff in serving your needs. Call today to see if we’re a fit for you.

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The Cause of Back Pain Should Drive Your Treatment Plan

There can be many causes of back pain, including:

While sometimes back pain has one point of origin, frequently back pain comes from a combination of sources, including past injuries and personal habits. Wear and tear on the back can lead to problems like subluxations, a condition that occurs when the vertebrae of the spine become misaligned and pinch the spinal cord. Subluxations can lead to pain in the back, neck and upper thighs.

Other times, back injuries can lead to problems such as a herniated disc. Herniated discs occur when the spongy pad between the vertebrae of the spine becomes damaged or begins to bulge out of the back, leading to chronic pain for the patient.

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Treatments for Back Pain in Matthews

At a back pain chiropractor in Matthews NC, we treat patients and heal back pain with the following techniques. It’s important to note that our approach is different. We utilize a process called “Pierce Results.” This highly specialized (and effective) form of analyzing your X-rays will result in a custom treatment plan that is unique to your condition. This is important because it allows us to address the root cause of your back pain with treatment to address your specific problem.

  • Spinal Adjustment

This technique is used to realign the vertebrae of the spine according to the X-rays taken. Using gentle hand movements, our chiropractors help restore balance to the body and improve communication in the central nervous system, which can help reduce pain, relax muscles and improve body functioning overall.

  • Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is used to reduce tension in the muscles and improve blood flow, thus speeding the healing process. Massage therapy can also help reduce tension for the patient, which can soothe back pain as well.

  • Stretches and Exercises

We teach our patients how to perform stretches and exercises that can help them strengthen their back muscles, improve coordination and improve mobility. Stretches and exercises can also help patients “warm up” before engaging in physical activity, so they’ll be less likely to hurt their back again in the future.

  • Nutrition Counseling

Eating right can help our patients lose weight, which reduces the pressure on the muscles and joints of the back and reduces patient pain overall. Our nutrition counseling services also help our patients get the energy they need to exercise and thrive.

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At Matthews Family Chiropractic, we help our patients get over their back pain and avoid injury in the future. We strive to improve the quality of life for all people in Matthews. Whether you’re struggling with back pain from an old injury or are simply hoping to soothe aching back muscles after a recent accident, Matthews Family Chiropractic can help. To make an appointment, contact us today to get on the schedule.

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