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These are just a few of the thousands of testimonials our patients have written about how chiropractic has literally changed their lives.
Since birth, my 18-month old daughter, Cizzie, suffered from multiple health problems: Weekly ear infections, Waking up at least 15 times each night, Asthma, Not taking naps, Allergies, Nose running clear constantly, Restless Leg Syndrome and Lethargic Behavior.

I took her to her pediatrician who prescribed: An Inhaler, Steroids, Allergy medication, Rounds of antibiotics every two weeks, asthma medication and Valium.

When none of these seemed to work and my daughter’s health continued to decline, the pediatrician said she must be depressed and recommended LITHIUM.  I said absolutely NOT and desperately searched for other alternatives.  Good friends of ours, the Bentons, were already patients at MFCC and told me how chiropractic and Dr. John had helped them tremendously.  I immediately called him up and told him about Cizzie.  He told me to bring her in right away.

After Dr. John found multiple subluxations throughout her spine, Cizzie began a corrective program.

Since beginning care three months ago, Cizzie has experienced HUGE transformations: No runny nose, Sleeping 12 hours each night, No asthma or allergy symptoms, Took a 3 hour nap yesterday, Only one ear infection, Unbelievable energy level, OFF ALL MEDICATIONS and More alert.

No child should ever have to suffer like my daughter suffered.  Clearly she was subluxated at birth, like many children are.  I don’t even want to think about what would have happened had she not been checked by Dr. John.


When I first came to see Dr. John my lower back was locked up and I could barely bend at the waist.  I had been going to a local chiropractor in my hometown of Winston-Salem.  The only treatment that was prescribed was to ice my back until the swelling would go down.  The doctor would not adjust me until the swelling went down.

On the initial visit and adjustment, Dr. John relieved the pressure in my lower back and I began to have more range of motion.  Since receiving additional chiropractic adjustments from Dr. John I have complete range of motion and no pressure or tension in my lower back.  Now I am back to my normal activities which include tennis, wallyball, rollerblading and golf.

“It’s worth the ride because God put a special gift in Dr. John’s hands”!

Robert Hittell

Before becoming a patient of Dr. John’s, I was in constant and horrible pain.  The pain was in my hip and went all the way to my feet.  I could barely walk.  Putting on socks and shoes was a difficult task.  I went to my family doctor and he referred me to an orthopedic specialist.  Upon visiting him, he recommended treatment and possible surgery.  I did not want to face this option.

A friend of mine had the same problems.  He was already a patient of Dr. John.  He spoke to Dr. John on my behalf and Dr. John was more than willing to call me and offered to help with my problem.  We spoke on the phone and I followed up with a visit to his office.  He said he could help me, but I had to be willing to stick with his treatments and do what he recommended.  I kept with the program and treatment and that was the best decision I ever made.  I now experience no pain and can walk and do all the things I enjoy.  Putting on socks and shoes now is no problem.

I strongly recommend Dr. John to anyone experiencing pain and discomfort.

The staff at Dr. John’s office are exceptionally wonderful people.  The whole team cares for their patients and each one is very thoughtful and considerate.  They make suffering a little more tolerable.  I appreciated any and all services they have provided for me.  The whole office is truly made up of angels.

Thanks once again!

Gerald W. Connelly

In 1998, I was injured at work and had suffered ever since with constant pain and tingling in my right shoulder and down into my arm.  I couldn’t sleep at all.  I even tried lying on the floor, but that didn’t help.  I had seen all kinds of doctors who ultimately said I needed surgery.  I knew there had to be a better way.

I saw Dr. John on TV talking about chiropractic and how your body can heal naturally without drugs.  I was taking pills at the time and they were not helping.  Dr. John showed me the subluxations in my neck at C5 and C7.  My neck was completely straight!  I had also lost disc space.  I wondered why the other doctors never saw that.  The subluxations were the cause of my problems.  With my adjustments, I immediately began seeing a difference.  I’m not at 100% yet, but I’m gonna get there.  The range of motion in my neck is much better – in the past I couldn’t look up to the ceiling.

Now, I only have pain down my right arm when I sneeze.  It used to be all the time!  I can sleep through the night.  My energy level is so much higher.  I realized that, when I started my adjustment program, I had to do my part, too.  I changed duties at work so I wasn’t lifting heavy objects.  I wanted to give my body a chance to heal.  This morning, I noticed something else.  In the past, my eyes were always bloodshot.  Today, in the mirror, I actually saw the whites of my eyes.  Every part of my body is healing!

Samuel Adams

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