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Sciatica Chiropractic Care in Matthews, NC

Matthews Family Chiropractic offers treatment options for those suffering from sciatica nerve pain. When you visit our chiropractor in Matthews, North Carolina, we’ll provide you with a treatment plan designed to help you find the relief you need for your sciatica. Dr. Hanna has the experience and dedication to help you to overcome the debilitating pain and limited mobility that sciatic nerve damage or pinching can cause. If you suffer from sciatica pain, limited movement, or other limitations, our team can help! Call today to learn about new specials that are available for patients. We offer a low-risk, affordable way for you to see if our treatment plan is the right fit for you.

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What Is Sciatica Nerve Pain?

Sciatica is a term used to describe the pain that radiates from the lower back into the hips and down into the legs. This pain travels the path of the sciatic nerve, a large nerve that provides important communication from your lower body to your brain. In some situations, this nerve becomes pinched, often due to spinal compressions or subluxations. When this happens, it sends pain signals to your brain constantly, triggering the pain sensation you have. Sciatica can last for a few minutes, but it can also become chronic or last for weeks or even years. When you are affected by sciatica, turn to our team for the safe, all- natural treatment plan you need.

How Can a Chiropractor Help You with Sciatica Pain?

When you meet with our chiropractor, Dr. John Hanna, you’ll get a full examination and consultation to discuss the sciatic nerve pain you have. If it is indeed sciatica, there are treatment options that can reduce the discomfort you feel. With sciatica, we often recommend spinal adjustments. The main difference between our methods for treating sciatic nerve pain and others is our approach to X-Ray analysis. Utilizing a special technique called the Pierce Results System, Dr. John will help identify the true source of sciatic pain and recommend a specialized (and highly individualized) approach just for your situation. This treatment approach to sciatica pain treatment in Matthews NC ensures that you are not wasting time and money simply guessing. Instead, we will work to realign the vertebra or spinal column bones affecting your nerve. Often, for patients with sciatica, these bones are misaligned which leads to the pinching of the fluid-filled sacs located between each bone. This creates the pinched nerve or pain you feel, and it can be remedied!

When you receive a chiropractic care for sciatica in our Matthews office, we’ll work to realign the spinal column and your musculoskeletal system. In doing so, our objective is to reduce the compression and pain signals. This process does not involve surgery. We also do not use pain medications as a way of hiding your sciatic nerve symptoms. Ready to take a step toward overcoming sciatia? Give us a call today!

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Should You See a Chiropractor for Sciatic Nerve Pain?

For many people, it is possible to see significant improvement in pain and mobility concerns with chiropractic care. Our chiropractor may be able to help you if you have any symptoms of sciatica pain including:

  • Pain that radiates from the lower back into the hips and legs
  • Pain that limits your ability to move
  • The pain may be minimal or acute
  • Sciatica pain can also cause chronic pain that seems to always remain
  • You may have trouble walking, sitting for long periods of time, or laying in some positions

Contact Matthews Family Chiropractic for a Sciatica Consultation

We welcome new patients with specials. To learn more about how Dr. Hanna can help you with sciatica, call to schedule a consultation with us at Matthews Family Chiropractic. Our team in Matthews, NC can help you with an initial exam and consultation. You don’t have to suffer from chronic pain or discomfort. Call our team today for an appointment today!

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