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Carpal Tunnel Treatment In Matthews NC

Carpal tunnel pain interrupts your sleep, your work and your ability to participate in enjoyable activities. If you are dealing with wrist pain, hand weakness or any of the other symptoms that accompany your carpal tunnel syndrome, Matthews Family Chiropractic brings natural pain relief. Our Matthews NC chiropractor evaluates your condition and your lifestyle to determine the most effective approach for your healing. Our husband and wife team, Dr. John Hanna and Dr. Mechelle Hanna, bring their expertise to our chiropractic wellness center. Our chiropractors and our wellness team look forward to showing you our healing carpal tunnel treatments.

Symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in Matthews

The carpal tunnel is a small tube-like area through which your median nerve passes. This tunnel-like area is inflexible and may begin to close if the bones of your wrist shift or if your tendons swell. As a result, the nerve is compromised and you experience wrist pain. This is typically your first symptom and it may come and go if your condition is new. However, carpal tunnel syndrome gets progressively worse without treatment, so please speak with our Matthews chiropractor if you are feeling wrist pain. Other symptoms to watch for include:

  • Hand pain
  • Hand weakness or numbness
  • Finger numbness, tingling or pain
  • Pain in your forearm
  • Increase dropping of objects from poor hand function
  • Limited hand and wrist mobility

Chiropractic Care for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in Matthews NC

Matthews Family Chiropractic uses a natural approach for carpal tunnel treatment. Dr. John or Dr. Mechelle evaluate your symptoms and provide an immediate reduction in your pain through a gentle wrist adjustment. This aligns the bones properly to alleviate pressure on the median nerve. As you continue with your chiropractic care, your wrist learns to remain in this healthier position with less pressure on the nerve. We also evaluate your lifestyle to determine whether you can make small changes in the way you arrange your workstation, exercise program or sleep habits. Our chiropractors provide tips to improve your daily chores so that wrist pain is reduced. The objective is to keep your wrist in a healthy alignment. Our wellness team teaches you exercises to strengthen wrist muscles and improve your flexibility which will also reduce your discomfort.

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Your carpal tunnel symptoms may start small and gradually increase over time. We encourage you to let Dr. John or Dr. Mechelle examine your wrists at an early stage to begin gentle chiropractic treatment. Our natural chiropractic care works at any stage, so if you have been struggling with wrist pain or numbness, please contact us. Our treatments are effective and fast-acting, yet also provide stable relief and prevent your symptoms from returning. Our family center welcomes residents from Matthews and the surrounding areas. We care for people of all ages who are struggling with carpal tunnel syndrome. To schedule your first appointment, please contact us today at 704-845-0699.

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