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Your first visit includes:

Health History

A full health resume is necessary for your first chiropractic visit. This information provides the Doctor with your current health concerns and a detailed history of traumas and illnesses. Please click on the First Visit Documents at the right hand side and print options 1 and 2.  Fill these out at home as completely as possible and bring them with you to your first visit.  The more information the Doctors know about you the better they can serve you and help you reach your health goals.


You will learn our office is different from any other you have experienced before. We begin the educational process immediately and then perform vital tests to determine the course of consultation and examination to be performed. A history of spinal impacts, including automobile accidents, work, recreational or sports injuries, is taken along with your current daily activity and health goals.

X-rays and Analysis

Your chiropractic examination may require x-rays. The x-rays reveal the degree of spinal misalignment, significant pathologies, and potential contraindications of care. In our unique system, careful and specific analysis leads to precision measurements. These findings, along with those of your postural examination, enable us to provide you with optimal care specific for you. This analysis is the key to your phenomenal results and will lead to complete spinal correction and wellness.

Your second visit includes:

Your Problem Report

You will be given a complete report-of-findings after your Doctor has studied your health history, clinical examination, and x-rays. You will receive an education about your spine and nervous system and the specific findings related to your posture imbalances and x-rays. You will have a clear understanding as to the nature of your case: if it can be helped through our work or if further examination and/or referral is necessary.

First Adjustment

If we can accept your case, you will be given your first chiropractic adjustment and appropriate instructions for care. Because we are certified in a variety of corrective adjusting techniques, we will choose the most effective approach to enhance your comfort and your results.

Recommendations of Care

After your adjustment, you will receive our best recommendations for your care.  Our recommendations for you will vary depending on the severity of subluxations present, phase of degeneration, age, current condition and history of traumas. Your care may also include home exercises.  We will go over the most cost effective programs specifically designed for your subluxation correction.

Clinic Hours:

Monday 7:30AM–11AM, 2:30–5:30PM
Tuesday Administrative Day
Wednesday 7:30AM–11AM, 2:30–5:30PM
Thursday 7:30AM–11AM, 2:30–5:30PM

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