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Seeking Help for Whiplash from an Auto Accident? Whiplash Treatment is Available in Matthews NC!

If you are the victim of a recent car crash and are now suffering from neck pain that keeps you from your daily activities, you may have whiplash. This common, painful neck injury often occurs during an auto accident, can be very painful and often debilitating. Chiropractic care can help with relieving whiplash. Our highly trained chiropractors can help ease the pain through experienced whiplash treatment, and get you back to your normal routine. New patient? Come explore our office and care plan to see if we’re the right “fit” to help with your whiplash treatment in Matthews, NC.

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Our chiropractic team in Matthews, NC can help Charlotte-area car accident victims find relief from whiplash and neck pain, and recommend a specific treatment plan for your case. Dr. John Hanna and Dr. Mechelle Hanna have many years experience with whiplash treatment plans and stress the importance of immediate care after your auto accident. They can treat the symptoms of whiplash and perform an examination to check for a variety of issues that may be associated with your recent accident. Our experienced team will design a customized treatment plan for your whiplash injury and help manage your pain. (And also assist with your insurance and claim related questions.) Your whiplash pain relief is our top priority.

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How Chiropractic Care Can Ease Pain from Whiplash

If you have experienced whiplash or a neck injury typically caused by a car crash, you may have stiffness in your neck as well as headaches. The great impact of a car accident suddenly “whips” the neck back and forth, which can cause extreme neck pain and sometimes damage to the cervical spine.

Our Matthews NC whiplash specialists aim to locate the source of your neck pain and work hard to find a customized treatment plan to resolve your discomfort. Using a combination of advanced chiropractic techniques including alignments, spinal adjustments, and massage therapy, Dr. Hanna will reduce your whiplash pain and help restore injured nerves, muscles, and joints, back to normal. Most whiplash patients in Matthews experience full range of motion again, and testify of being pain-free once the neck and body are properly aligned and the sore muscles heal.

Our comprehensive approach to your spinal health focuses on your specific ailments to reduce your pain. Our personalized chiropractic plan boosts your health and restores your energy. Our team of Matthews chiropractors focuses on providing safe and effective treatments for whiplash with a drug-free approach that is natural with no negative side effects so that your body can restore itself to its healthy best.

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Get Relief from Whiplash Today in Matthews NC

Matthews Family Chiropractic specializes in gentle, natural chiropractic care and is one of the finest whiplash chiropractors in the Matthews (greater Charlotte) area. Our whiplash treatment plan is unique and we believe you’ll experience the difference immediately!

Are you ready to rid yourself of whiplash pain and get back to your normal routine? Call our Matthews Family Chiropractic office in Matthews NC today at (704) 845-0699 to make an appointment with Dr. John Hanna or Dr. Mechelle Hanna to get started on a chiropractic plan for your painful whiplash that offers a safe and effective alternative to prescription painkillers.

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