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How Physical Therapy Helps from Your Matthews Chiropractor

When you come in to visit Dr. John Hanna and Dr. Michelle Hanna, you’ll always get superior care and attention to your individual needs. However, your Matthews chiropractor may make recommendations for care that stems beyond chiropractic services to include physical therapy. Why should you invest in it? How can it help you?

How Physical Therapy in Matthews Can Restore Function

For those suffering from neck pain, back pain, auto accident pain such as whiplash, or many other forms of pain, physical therapy can be important. When you come in for physical therapy in Matthews, our goal will be to address the underlying cause of your pain and then to apply physical therapy to guide your body in the proper way to move and function.

After an auto accident, for example, your neck and cervical vertebrae are no longer properly aligned. This causes whiplash. Once we use chiropractic care to align the vertebrae again, your body needs to learn the proper way to twist and turn to avoid further damage. Physical therapy helps to strengthen the muscles and ligaments in this area, helping to support the healing process. It also helps to minimize the amount of pain you’ll have or the limited mobility you have. We re-train your body to work in the proper manner through this type of corrective exercise.

Who Should Have Physical Therapy?

Many of our patients benefit from physical therapy when combined with chiropractic care. Physical therapy can help in recovering from injuries and aid your bodies natural healing process. When we customize the treatment plan for your needs, we’ll focus on the benefits that physical therapy can offer. If you are suffering from back pain, neck pain, sciatica, or other injury-based conditions, physical therapy can be effective.

Our goal will always be to assess your injury and determine if physical therapy, massage (or dry needling), chiropractic care, or other types of therapy may be best for you. Physical therapy is often done in our offices, but we’ll also teach your corrective exercises to do at home. This can help to give you improvement on a faster basis. You’ll learn how to move properly so as to improve your quality of life and limit further injury.

Another group of people who can benefit from physical therapy are seniors. Even if movement restriction hasn’t been triggered by an acute injury, many patients have come to understand they can benefit from functional exercise and physical therapy programs. A growing number of seniors are seeking chiropractic care as a solution to knee, back, shoulder, neck, and other pain areas.

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