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Tips from a Matthews Chiropractor on Avoiding Workplace Accidents

. A chiropractor in Matthews might not be the first professional you think of when you are looking for advice on how to avoid workplace accidents. But which professional often gets to treat the most people with a workplace injury? The local chiropractor. So, here are some tips, most of which apply to all industries, on how to avoid a painful personal injury.

Post Signage about Workplace Injury Prevention

While it isn’t possible to always make people obey signs, as the high rate of car accident victims can attest, they can be very helpful in workplace injury prevention plans. A sign might tell a person who doesn’t know that something is hazardous to watch out. It also might remind someone who was about to be careless that there is a good reason to pay attention to what they were doing. Some countries, and even specific states, have laws that require different posting requirements. This is particularly true if you are a chiropractor in Pretoria, for example.

Report Unsigned Dangers and Violations of Safety Signs

If you as an employee feel that there should be a sign, talk to someone about it. If you notice other employees disobeying signs, talk to them. If they don’t seem receptive or they keep doing what the sign tells them not to, report the violation, even if they are your friend. It’s for everyone’s safety. For serious violations (where someone is at immediate risk of injury if they don’t obey the sign), report the violation immediately.

Be Proactive About Workplace Dangers

Workplace hazards are sometimes something that everyone assumes someone else has reported, or that everyone else knows about even if there was no sign or training. However, this is a poor assumption to make. If you see something that represents a danger in your workplace, report it. If there is already a sign or training, it may need to be changed. This not only goes for physical considerations, but also things like CPR classes and certification. Warnings might need to be posted or employees taught about the danger as often required by law. (source: Chiropractor OKC.)

Matthews Family Chiropractic, Your Matthews Chiropractor, Can Help You Heal

If the safety features at your job have let you down, and you have sustained a workplace injury, Matthews Family Chiropractic can help. You don’t need to have a workplace injury, either. A personal injury like a sports injury or something sustained in a car accident can be just as much in need of treatment. Matthews Family Chiropractic, your Matthews chiropractor, wants to help. If you have a workplace injury, sports injury, car accident injury, or just plain life injury, call us today.

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